The Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach

MHIPB is a 3,000 square foot facility in Lantana, Florida that offers a variety of holistic wellness options.  Our individualized service practitioners will help guide you through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing needs. The intention at MHIPB is to create a safe environment for people to explore and incorporate metaphysical healing options.  We offer various weekly classes and specialty workshops to support our community in deepening their knowledge and education, in order to step in to true self-healing and personal empowerment. The space consists of 5 one-on-one wellness rooms, a large classroom for workshops, a meditation room for group energy work, and a full commercial kitchen with classroom.

Vision Statement 

Mission Statement 

The Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach stands for a world that celebrates consciousness, integrity and community where all beings live in universal harmony.

The Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach is committed to creating a safe environment for all people seeking healing, transformation and growth.  Holding space for, and operating from, a united commitment to the integrity of universal law.


The Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach was founded by Nicole Zuralow in 2018. After the sudden passing of her partner in 2018, Nicole left her corporate sales job to focus on this next level of her own healing journey. It was during this time she began to generate the vision and create the concept that is now MHIPB. It is with integrity and honor that she holds the space for the Institute and the community of people that seek the path of True healing. The Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach is dedicated to the life and memory of Ryan Cougar Parry, 12/24/88- 6/5/2018.

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