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HipGoddess™- Soul Spa

Sky Meadow Palma

Sky Meadow is a Master in the Healing Arts. She is a Transformational Metaphysical healing Energy Conduit. Her services Harmonize a combination of sending Unconditional Love / Universal  Life Force Energy in-while assisting you in Releasing Emotional Blocks, Easing Stress, & Aiding Relaxation.

Sky Meadow Creates Unique Guided Meditations to help you operate from a More Positive Subconscious Mind Program- Infusing Crystal Enhancement,  Positive Affirmations, and Healthier Thought Programs for fresh New Approaches. She also specializes in advising  on the Navigation of your "Highest and Best Life Path" in Personal Coaching sessions, enhanced by Arch Angel messages.

 Energy for mind/body/spirit is channeled through her using the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui System of Natural Healing's method as the foundation of her modality in the Hipgoddess™ Soul Spa sessions. She pours divine light energy through in a "no-touch required" re-energizing, balancing, and wellness healing session.

 This works with your energy body; balancing and re calibrating your centers or Chakras, your Auric Layers, and energetic pathways or Meridians-as well as any personal areas of concern. These soul spa treatments are spiritual but non denominational, and work hand with all enlightened religious practices. These may actually enhance other treatments. Additional special energetic tools and techniques are also utilized and customizable. All are artfully conducted for a gentle, loving and nurturing experience enhancing well being and encouraging mind body and soul path enlightenment, peace and harmony.

 Sky comes from an exciting lineage of pioneering artistic healers. She has been trained in mystical hidden knowledge teachings her entire life, and has been a Certified Reiki Master for over two decades. Sky Meadow has Completed the Twelve Rites of Passage, the Stanford Certified Creative Insight Journey, the Landmark Forum, and is an Ordained Universal Minister.

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The Full Monty


120 Minute Session

The Re-Energizer


60 Minute Session

Personalized Custom Guided Meditation


30 Minute Session

Long Distance Healing


60 Minute Session

Archangel Oracle
Card Reading


60 Minute Session

Spiritual Life Coach Consultation


45 Minute Session

A La Carte - Add On Services


Per Each

Individualized Services

The Full Monty

Unconditional Love/Universal life force, Compassion, & Divine Will Healing Energy Beamed in- while being guided on a beautiful, relaxing custom made deep-level subconscious Positive  Mind re-programming meditation.

What you Get: Aromatherapy enhanced custom guided meditation, An immense cleansing & smudging, aligning, and energetic transference & re-calibration of your energy body including your Aura & Chakras. A reading of advice with Angel Card Messages, a Quantum wave washing-using Reiki programed crystal & magnetic waves, crystal enhancements, an infusion of sacred Sanskrit healing symbols, sound healing, and a Yes / No Oracle.

The Re-Energizer 

For those in need a good solid jolt of the good stuff-it's a serious battery recharge with a "powerwash" and alignment! (energetically speaking).

            What you Get: A full hour treatment of Sky Meadow's healing energy beamed in to you, a Sacred Sanskrit healing symbols infusion, & a full chakra aura and stagnant bodily energy cleanse clearing. Sound healing, relaxation, clarity, a more peaceful mind. You may customize this elixir by adding on your choice of delicious treats from the a la carte menu for extra enjoyment!

Personalized Custom Guided Meditation Journey 

While relaxing into a deeper level of the mind through a custom guided soul expanding and rejuvenating meditation, unwanted negative thought patterns and programming are gently dissolved and decisive positive affirmations directives are infused with sound healing. (In-person or remote service available)

Long Distance Healing

One Hour Energy Healing Session sent to a Person Remotely using the special long distance Dr. Usui remote energy healing transmission Technique. Includes Sacred Sanskrit Symbol infusion and zeroing in on any special areas of concern or needs.  (Permission must be granted by the person in advance and they must be in a restful state for the duration this service.)  Additional directives given and a photo/ name of person / location to aim is helpful. Makes a great gift!

Archangel \ Oracle Card Reading

Angel Guidance- Archangel messages to advise and brighten the light along your evolving path. Surprisingly acute messages and heaven sent revelations come through the beautiful Arch Angel Oracle Divining Cards. Long spread reading along with a spiritual life coaching consultation. With an added bonus Yes / No Oracle questions that can be answered with simple yes or no about something now in your life. Not for reading into the future. (In-person or remote service available) 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Packages Available  - Call for Inquiry

A La Carte - Add on Services

  •  Reiki Infused Crystals And Magnetic Energy wave Enhancements- Crystals and stones specially charged and programmed with Reiki Energy are placed within ones aura at Chakra Center points to enhance service. Reiki infused Crystal and Magnetic wands Artfully conduct Quantum waves of energy fields all around you.

  • Archangel Message Quick Spread- Quick read with a few important messages from on high about what is happening in your life, right now. One concise Yes / No Oracle answer to a concise question.

  • Aromatherapy- Diffused botanical essences as an aromatic sensory enhancement may be added to your spa service or enjoyed  completely on their own-  Very nice with a with a guided meditation. 

  • Yes/ No Oracle- One concise Question that can be answered with a simple yes or no about something now in your life. Not for reading into the future.

  • Smudging Ceremony- Includes chakra and bodily energy cleanse with botanicals, energy clearing directive exercises and mantras/toning  sounds, freeing you from toxic energy , leaving you refreshed and feeling lighter.

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Please contact us for more information at 561-766-2645

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