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Certified Meditation Teacher

Breathwork Facilitator

Kundalini Activation Process Facilitator

Nicole Thaw, MBA

Nicole is a certified meditation teacher breathwork facilitator Reiki healer and KAP Kundalini Activation Process Facilitator trained by Venant Wong. She holds an MBA as well as a Masters in Elementary Education and is a certified teacher.


Nicole has traveled the world honing her skills and is excited to share her gifts as a healer. She began her spiritual journey after struggling with chronic health issues. She first discovered Breathwork in Bali and spent a few years traveling and exploring many trainings from there. She found her first KAP session while in Tulum and went on to study with Venant in Costa Rica. Through KAP, Nicole transmits pure kundalini life force energy. By transmitting this life force energy to participants, Nicole helps to increase awareness, mental clarity, lower anxiety and/or depression, shift the nervous system, relieve body aches and/or pains, release stagnant energies, long help trauma, deep-seated emotions, and access higher frequency vibration to allow more flow and manifestation into one’s life.


Nicole resides in Miami Beach, FL and Delray Beach working from Miami to Palm Beach with her clients. She currently facilitates 1:1 privates, open classes and private groups. Her goal is to help everyone feel deep states of peace and relaxation and expanded states of consciousness.

Individualized Services

  • Reiki

  • KAP

  • Breathwork 

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