Indigo Empath Lightworker, Psychic Medium, and Shen Counselor

Michele Coriale

Cosmic Balance

Biodynamic Energy Healing | Psychic Mediumship | Energy Body Discovery | Yogic Healing | Shen Counseling


A Celestial Indigo Child with a direct connection to the Holy Spirit and Cosmic Dimension takes you on a journey to your innate power to manifest everything beautiful The Universe has already waiting for you.


I do this via what is known as Divine Guidance.  I use audial/verbal translation (also known as psychic energy field reading or "energy body discovery"), visual hypnosis, and biodynamic energy healing, which is also known as “Cosmic Balance”.  Gentle, restorative Yoga and guided Yoga Nidra (also known as Yogic sleep) is used in conjunction with other modalities to open the energy channels and allow for healing to take place naturally.


As we look at that which is already in the energy field, clients connect with an innate self-healing mechanism and begin to heal, not only from what they are struggling with in the conscious mind, but also from past experiences residing in the unconscious mind that may cause emotional imbalance and/or a hinderance to manifesting a peaceful life of Purpose and Truth.


I also provide holistic counseling and insights into a client’s worries, past trauma, relationships, living environment, and anything else that may be keeping them from moving forward.


As we reconnect with and illuminate the Cosmic Light (also known as the Spirit or the Shen), a connection with the Spirit Realm is formed.


My intention is to empower my clients to open with their innate ability to self-heal and manifest their visions without having to allocate an abundance of resources (time, money, energy).  Therefore, I offer clients packages of three sessions spaced out monthly with a six month respite in between, except under special circumstances.


If all of this sounds “hocus pocus” to you, trust it!  As it is magical and mystical.

Come as you are.  Leave as you were meant to be.  Live in Purpose as one with Divinity. 

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