Alternative Health Specialist

Michael Bergonzi

Michael has been in the alternative health field since 1990, and recently founded and opened his own wellness center, Vibrant Health Institute. Keeping with what he has learned over the years, green juicing, the Ann Wigmore protocol, colon cleansing, and adding much more about food addictions, juice fasting, communication and even offers a silent day. He has worked for Hippocrates Health Institute for 10 of his 30 year career, and studied with Bernard Jensen’s protégé, Ellen Tart-Jensen as well as the Optimum Health Institute for eight years and The Raw Food Institute. 


Michael Bergonzi has been the foremost authority in the field of wheatgrass and its benefits over the past 30 years and has taught many lectures on sprouting, growing wheatgrass and micro-greens, conscious communication, what’s simple is true, juicing, colon cleansing, and more! The green juice lecture is about vibrant living & the green juice program.

The high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass and green juice causes increased hemoglobin production in the body which carries oxygen to the blood cells. This has a number of health benefits including purification of the blood, improved blood sugar levels, higher brain functions and helping combat environmental toxins and heavy metals. Many people cite wheatgrass juice as having a cancer-preventing property due to its carcinogen and toxin neutralizing abilities.  Through the healing of the mind and body, he continues to teach their guests how to follow a healthier diet and have a higher consciousness in today’s busy society.

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