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Chau Acutherapy, LLC

Acupuncturist / Oriental Medicine Physician

Maria Chah, AP, DOM

Maria Chah has helped many lives to find ease in their bodies. Beginning her professional journey 27 years ago in the field of massage therapy, Maria went back to school in her mid-life to earn a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. In 2014, she was incorporated as sole owner and Acupuncture physician of Chah Acutherapy, LLC and still continues to uphold a thriving practice with additional contemporary medical services in south Florida. The secret of her success is providing a unique blend of healing modalities that are ancient and simple. The first secret is her compassionate listening. Second is her excellent service in providing provisional therapeutic results. Maria’s motto primarily involves healthy routines that facilitate both physical and emotional healing. Living by this principle herself, she educates her patients with reasonable solutions and modification guidelines that help each person find their own life balances. These guiding principles incorporate Acupuncture, Medical Massage, in-home care Therapies, Homeopathic and Chinese Herbology, and Nutritional Optimization practices that involve Epigenetic Hair Analysis with stress-reducing activity recommendations. Aspects like Qi Gong, Breathwork, Yoga, Cardio Exercises, Chiropractic, and Environmental adjustments are a few other essential routines considerable for self-healing and preventative support.

In Maria’s view, to achieve mental and physical harmony, we need to look where what, and how to best nourish both our internal and environmental conditions. For this reason, she assesses all general types of medical issues with specific interests in Pain Management, Gut syndromes, and Women’s health concerns. This includes challenges with anxiety, insomnia and/or unresolved physiological issues showing no revealed findings or having legitimate diagnosis within her patient’s medical reports. In the wake of Maria’s professional life practices, she came to discover how Oriental Medicine effectively addresses a person’s mind, body, and spirit. She is dedicated to making sure each person’s experience is safe, comfortable, and effective. We welcome the opportunity to have Maria as part of our staff and feel confident she will earn your trust as your primary Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Physician. 


Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine (DRCOM) Graduate 2011 ComFoundation Committee Member of Author Dr. Leon Hammer and owner of DRCOM

Bachelor Degree of Health Science

Master Degree of Oriental Medicine
NCBTMB Approved Continued Educator Provider of Medical Massage

Individualized Services

Chau Acutherapy

  • Acupuncture 

  • Homeopathic Biopuncture 

  • Cupping and Guasha 

  • Medical Massage Therapy

  • Hair Analysis and Nutritional Consultation

  • Ozone Therapy

  • Oriental Herbal Medicine 

Please contact us for more information at 561-766-2645

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