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Ketamine Assisted Therapy

MarcRodriguez, ARNP

Marc, A Nurse Practitioner creator and owner at Wellness Iv Infusion Therapy is enthusiastic in the utilization and progression of biomolecular medicine, offering the latest in diagnostics and infusion therapies. He brings IV Wellness Infusion to MHIPB, Spearheading the Ketamine Assisted Therapy Program as well as supplemental IV Infusion and Intramuscular Injection options.   

At Wellness IV Infusion Therapy we aim for patient centered care providing personalized, preventive, & precision medicine to meet the micronutrient needs of our client's bodies. We offer customized & personalized intravenous therapy to suite every patient's cellular nutrient requirements.

Marc is a graduate of Barry University (Bachelor & Master on Nursing Science), Nursing experience Cardiovascular Stepdown, Nurse Practitioner experience

Hospital Medicine and Post Acute Care Medicine, Post Graduate studies in Functional Medicine, Biomolecular medicine, Redox reaction medicine, and Infusion medicine.
Why Intravenous Micronutrient Infusion Therapy?

Our bodies are complex pieces of biomolecular machinery performing trillions of biochemical reactions every second of everyday on a cellular level to maintain a state referred to as allostasis. The body requires a sophisticated balance of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and peptides) to maintain this allostatic balance. With technological advances we are now able to provide these micronutrients intravenously to support your cellular demands. By administering these micronutrients intravenously we by pass the gastrointestinal tract and the first pass filtration of the liver. This has significant importance as the population at larger has poor gut health and definitive problems with absorption via the gastrointestinal tract. Making intravenous micronutrient therapy convincingly more bioavailable and readily absorbed by our trillions of hungry cells. When we supply the cells with intravenous micronutrient therapy we are able to reverse cellular malnutrition, reduce cellular oxidation, improve cellular regeneration, with a cumulative effect of upgrading cellular health. With an advanced cellular health we are able to significantly enhance overall health and well-being. This allows us to extend your health span throughout your lifespan.


Why Our Micronutrient Infusions?

All our infusion are made by a specialized infusion compounding pharmacy. This pharmacy is recognized as a leader in the infusion compounding field. Their standards for safety, sterility, and quality far exceed current regulation and requirements and they have the accreditations to prove it. We chose to use a specializes Pharmacy with these types of safety, sterility, and quality measures in place to bring the best infusions in the business to our client population. Most infusions on the market are being compounded by medical providers or medical staff members without following current regulations and requirements for sterility and quality put in place to protect the safety of clients. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding current regulations and guidelines. The selection of customized formulas we created were with the collaboration of a Clinical Doctor of Pharmacy and a Medical Provider with specialties and experience in Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. With their combined knowledge and wisdom in their respective areas of specialty we were able to create a list of customized infusion formulas that far exceed what is the market standard today. Check out our Iv Infusion Therapy Menu below to see what is brewing in the Pharmacy.

Individualized Services

IV Infusion Therapy

Total Body Wellness

Aline your Body with our Total Body Wellness Formula! This Formula is for overall health & wellness it is aimed at enhancing your cellular health. Whether your goal is anti-aging, limitless memory, sharpened focus & brain clarity, vibrant energy,  elevated mood (decrease anxiety & depression), enhanced performance (at home, school, workplace, gym, or in the bedroom), improved body composition, better stress tolerance, superior immune function, exceptional digestion, stronger & thicker hair & nails, healthier & youthful skin this infusion encompasses all of the above.

Athletic Endurance

This infusion is specifically formulated for use before an Athletic Competition. Whether you have a track meet, bicycle race, marathon, triathlon, sports game/tournament, weight lifting/cross-fit event, MMA/boxing event the list goes on. Bottom line if you have a competition and want a competitive edge on your opponent then you need an Athletic Endurance IV Infusion. Currently you are doing everything you can with the best coaches, trainers, training program, nutritionist, diet regimen, and oral supplementation to ensure you have the competitive edge to beat the competition. Well we now have cutting edge technology that can gives you the essential micro-nutrients that the cells of your body need including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and antioxidants. They can be delivered at 100% bio-availability via the intravenous route completely by passing the GI tract straight into your bloodstream for immediate effect. This can be especially beneficial before a competition when your body will pushed to the limit and need these micro-nutrients easily accessible in abundance for the trillions of microscopic reactions it will be performing each second. So don't let your competition have anything in their repertoire that would give them the competitive edge over you. Make sure you get your Athletic Endurance IV Infusion prior to you competitive event. 

Athletic Recovery

This infusion is specifically formulated for people that live an athletically active lifestyle. Most athletically active people tend to work hard and train harder leaving little time for recovery. Even with a great diet and oral supplement regimen we see poor reduction of (ROS) radical oxidative species. Its amazing to see people that look the healthiest and fittest on the outside have some of the most compromised antioxidant reduction pathways. This is related to their lifestyle of work hard/trainer harder which creates abundant radical oxidative species in the cells, most times more then the body can compensate for. Therefore we created this formula to help maintain the cell's and body's recovery for the athletically active lifestyle.

Beautify- Hair, Skin and Nails

Replenish your Hair, Skin, & Nails with our Beautify Formula! This Formula is aimed at reviving the health of the cells that keep your Hair, Skin, & Nails looking beautiful. If your looking for stronger & thicker hair & nails, healthier youthful glowing skin with improved elasticity, and feeling beautiful inside and out then this formula is tailored for you! This infusion not only has the ingredients formulated to improve the health of your cells that form the tissue or organs that make up your Hair, Skin, & Nails. It also has the ingredients to improve cellular energy production and increase neurotransmitters that promote elevated mood leaving you radiating vibrant beauty. 

Weight Control/ Metabolic Boost

This formula is designed to put your metabolism into overdrive. It is formulated to help mobilize stored fat and metabolize fat for energy. The infusion was created to put your energy production into hyper drive with improved mood and focus to ensure you meet your lifestyle goals. When you are making lifestyle changes of diet and exercise this formula gives your body the ultimate edge in reaching your metabolism and weight loss goals.

Stress Relief & Relaxation

An infusion that is specifically formulated to help reduce stress and induce relaxation. For the person that lives life in a high stress environment. Whether your tension is related to family, relationships, finance, home, work, business, or other basic life stressors. This formula was created to help you relax, regulate you cortisol levels, and improve neurotransmitter release associated with elevated and relaxed mood.  

Male Enhancement Booster

The ultimate in natural male enhancement with a formula that not only increases testosterone naturally with a mix of amino acids but decreases conversion to estrogen. It is customized to increase male stamina and endurance not only in the bedroom but in the office and gym as well. With an increase in energy and focus complicated task are handled with ease. If you are a male looking for an all around edge at home, office, gym, and bedroom then you found the answer.

Jet Lag

There is a reason this infusion is packed full of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Traveling via commercial airlines for business or pleasure exposes our bodies to multiple stressors. Whether it be in the airport with close contact to international/domestic travelers or the confined spaces of the airplane with recirculated air. We are exposed to the other travelers micro-flora including possible viral or bacterial infections. Some other stressors include jet lag from time zone changes, lack of sleep from red eye flights, increase stress and exposure from non-stop flights. This doesn't even include the exposure to cosmic ionizing UV radiation which most travelers aren't even aware of.  Our Jet Lag Relief infusion has high doses of important nutrients which fight against viral/bacterial exposure, increases in free radical oxidation, spikes of stress hormone (cortisol), energy draining business/travel schedules, and erratic sleeping schedules.

Hangover Relief

Our Hangover relief is not a drug store remedy or a crazy concoction you've heard about from some anonymous source. This is an actual medical treatment for a hangover, aimed at correcting dehydration caused by lack of water reabsorbtion, repletion of vitamin loss, elimination of alcohol's toxic byproduct Acetaldehyde, and resolution of symptoms associated with the toxic effects of Acetaldehyde. All given to you by a medical healthcare professional in the privacy and comfort, at the location of your choice home/hotel/boat/yacht/private office etc. 

Intramuscular Injection Menu

Lipotropic Injection w/ Complete B

Burn Fat Faster, Boost Energy Levels, Preserve Lean Muscle Mass, Absorb Essential Nutrients More Efficiently, Reinforce A Positive Mood & Mental Clarity.

Complete B Vitamin Booster

Activated B 12 Booster

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

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