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Lori Reyes DeSanti, MSW, CBW

Lori Reyes DeSanti, MSW, CBW is a pioneer in the professional Breathwork arena with over 25 years of experience who’s lineage can be traced back to the roots of Rebirthing Breathwork.  Trained by Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr, the mother and father of Rebirthing as well as numerous other Master Teachers, Lori blends traditional Rebirthing with various other holistic and creative methods of healing producing a stimulating and unique experience for the individual, couple, family or group.  She has worked with diverse populations throughout her career which include private mental health hospitals, hospice, urban mental health clinics and also supported in cultural city planning and development in Buffalo, NY.  Lori has designed and implemented multiple programs for women in the mental health space supporting daily living skills and integration in society as well as inspirational circles where women gather to share, create, and support each other, the environment and the world towards self-actualization and peace.  Lori, for 20 years has had a love for A Course In Miracles contextually bringing forth ‘magic’ to her work.  She has a graceful dynamic approach that has inspired and touched thousands of lives throughout the years.  SPECIALTIES include and are not limited to: addictions, trauma, codependency 

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