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Neuro Re-education Specialist

Kambo Practitioner

Bioenergetic Practitioner

Kona Wilkinson

Kona Wilkinson grew up in California and Hawaii where she developed a love of nature, living a healthy lifestyle, vegetarian eating and natural healing modalities. She was inspired by her great grandfather who was an intuitive Chiropractor in the early days of chiropractic care. The name Kona is the Hawaiian translation of her birth name Donna, and the name she was called when she lived in Hawaii. Upon embracing her spiritual mission, she returned to her roots and the name translation ~ Kona.

Kona offers a unique perspective of the holistic lifestyle as she played American football for 17 years with the D.C. Divas in the women’s tackle football league. Her induction into both the D.C. Divas and Women’s Football Hall of Fame was well earned as she became known as the “ageless one,” who continually got better at healing and recovering each year into her 40’s. Her storied football career includes All-Star recognition at three different positions (running back, tight end & linebacker), three National Championships with the D.C. Divas and two Gold Medals with the USA Football Women’s National Team in 2010 and 2013. Her love for the game is only matched by her passion for finding solutions to the tremendous pounding her body took over the span of her 17 year career. She began using energy based modalities in 2001 when she started her football career and has expanded her experience, knowledge and training in the world of energy wellness for over 21 years. Her ever increasing interest and search for the most advanced technologies and techniques available to aid in her own healing and recovery has positioned Kona as one of the most unique and experienced practitioners in her field. 

Kona is a testament to the fact that her wellness practices work! She has used what she now offers to become free of discomfort, reverse skin and cellular damage and become more youthful as she ages, even after the following football injuries: broken back and other bones, torn knee ligaments including - ACL, MCL, PCL & Meniscus, three knee surgeries, high ankle sprains, deep muscular bruises, labral tear in shoulder, broken toe and finger, torn ligament and dislocated fingers, finger surgery, hip injury, whiplash, ten concussions and occipital nerve surgery upon retirement.Kona graduated from Washington Adventist University with degrees in Health Fitness Management and Business Administration. She began her health career as a personal trainer in 1997 and expanded her offerings in 2001 with magnetic and infrared based technologies and in 2010 to include ARPWave Neuro Re-education and ASEA Redox. In 2019 Kona became certified by NES Health in Bioenergetics and in 2020 became a Kambo Indigenous Medicine woman. She began working with Universal Spheres in 2021.

Individualized Services

*NES HEALTH Bioenergetic Practitioner
*KAMBO Practitioner
*ARPWAVE Neuro Re-education Specialist
*ASEA Redox Signaling, Cellular Communication and Cell Performance, Skin Renewal
*UNIVERSAL SPHERES Quantum Access, Infinite Possibilities, Solution Energy & Harmonic Resonance

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Individualized Services

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