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Kambo Detox

Kambo Detox Ceremony

Join trained Kambo Facilitators, Nicole Amelia, and Kona Williams for a 3-day Kambo Inoculation with a Bioenergetic Assessment.

Kambo is a sacred traditional medicine used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Collected from the venomous secretions from the Phyllomedusa bicolor (or Giant Leaf Frog, Kambô or Sapo) a frog species indigenous to rainforests in the Amazon Basin. Kambo has a range of applications both medicinal and psycho-spiritual. It is known for intense emetic or purgative effects that detox the body. It is safe, legal, and highly transformative.
The Kambo frog secretion contains a myriad of bioactive peptides with impressive anecdotal evidence to indicate a multitude of benefits for people with specific or non-specific physiological, mental, emotional, or spiritual concerns.

While little clinical research has been conducted to validate the effects of Kambo, ceremony participants report revitalization of the body and mind following. Its effects can be intense during the detox ceremony but are deeply transformative on many levels as it detoxes and removes blocks that prevent us from living to our fullest potential. As Kambo becomes more popular more research is being conducted.

By Pairing Kambo with Bioenergetic Assessment we are able to illuminate specific areas of imbalance that can be addressed and tracked, to bring the body into balance and increase healthier functioning in all systems. Bioenergetic Assessment allows us to track and measure many indicators by looking at various markers to give a before and after snapshot of the body's physical state helping us to better track and assess the results of Kambo.

If you have not sat with Kambo before, a Health Assessment with one of our medically trained practitioners may be required.  This is for your benefit and safety. Please contact us for a complimentary prep call to see if Kambo is right for your personal health and wellness goals.

Image by Joel Henry
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Group Ceremony Pricing

Single Kambo with Bioenergetic Assessment- $500
3 Kambo Group Sessions with Bioenergetic Assessment- $1000

Single Session Touch Up- $350 

Private Ceremony Pricing

Single Private Kambo Session with Bioenergetic Assessment- $750
3 Private Kambo Sessions with Bioenergetic Assessment- $1500

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