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Massage Therapist - FL License #: MA69175

Certified Rolfer

Posture Specialist

Health Coach

James Donatelli

James is a Massage Therapist, Rolfer, a Posture Alignment Specialist, and a Health Coach. I can help clients get out of pain and help take their flexibility, balance, running, and movement performance to a new level.

You only have one body in your lifetime so let's take care of it to maximize energy and productivity. Your body needs YOU to do regular periodic maintenance to optimize your health and energy and minimize downtime from sickness and pain. Your body is like a race car that needs to be tuned up. My office is like a pit stop, You come in get tuned up, so you can get back in the race. 



At The Donatelli Wellness Center, you will learn how you have control over your own healing process. And how injuries do not heal, they create internal energy blockages that slow you down unless you get help to get these blockages opened and released. 

Working with me is unique because l identify what your body needs and then address the root causes of your pain, not just suppress the symptoms with drugs. I help you stimulate the natural healing process that we all have in our bodies. Working together, we can relieve your chronic pain, and if you want, we can also improve the way your body performs in sports and in life. 

We will get your body in better balance physically, energetically, and emotionally.  Put my many years of experience to work for you!

Please contact us for more information at 561-766-2645

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