Light Field Blood Specialist

Donell Wicklund

Donell Wicklund is a multi certified health and wellness coach. She has been in the field for 12 years and has obtain certifications with the Integrative institution of nutrition, microscopy (live blood analysis), iridology (reading the eyes, skin and tongue), massage therapy, luminous awanress institutes subtle energy training, and many trauma based sensory modalities. She found her true love and passion was the study of blood and has created health and wellness plans for hundreds customers over the last 8 years using this modality as a baseline for her program. Bridging the gap between psychology and physiology in an educational format to experience and understand the impacts that take place during the child developmental process, and the current state of the cellular system. Recently she begin adding voice analysis to her sessions to get deeper insight into the body to understanding how to use sound and frequency to treat physiology. Donell is also a strong advocate for water education, ionization technology, essential oil’s and trauma healing.

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Light Field Blood Analysis (Initial)


3 Hour Session

Light Field Blood Analysis (Follow-up)


60-75 Minute Session



60 Minute Session

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Individualized Services

Light Field Blood Analysis Initial Health Consultation

Light field blood analysis illuminates what can be addressed to bring the body into balance and increase healthier functioning in all systems.

  • Childhood developmental mapping

  • Eyes / Skin / Tongue Analysis

  • In-depth health history and guidance for what nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle adaptions may best support your path to vibrant health.

VoiceBio Technology

This technology tracks 12 notes in the voice that could either be deficient or overactive.  Since everything has a frequency, this is an amazing assessment tool to understand why certain organs, systems, or emotions may be out of balance.  You can use sound therapy, along with food, supplements, and more to bring these notes/frequencies back into balance.