Health & Transformation Specialist 

Ariel Griglin

Ariel Griglin has always had a passion for helping people reveal the best version of themselves. Her journey began at a very young age when both of her parents faced life threatening illnesses. Early on she witnessed the miracle of reversing a diagnosis from an inner power. As a NASM certified personal trainer her experience has ranged from bodybuilding to the space of biohacking and regenerative medicine. 


With a synergist approach of movement, nutrition, supplementation, and non-physical mindset practices she specializes in working with women and moms who suffer from weight loss resistance and thyroid dysfunctions to reverse the condition entirely. If you’re ready for the energy, vitality, and metabolism you once had, she is the practitioner for you.

Please contact us for more information at 561-766-2645

Individualized Services

Transformational Health Coaching

Initial Intake - This 90 minute intake is an initial consultation for Ariel to understand the medical background, nutritional habits, exercise history, and other contributing factors to the clients current physiological state. If the client has any recent lab work he/she is advised to bring a copy for the initial intake.


Coaching Session- This 60 minute single session will be personalized to the clients' individual needs. Ariel may spend an hour consulting on lifestyle and mindset shifts, she may address safe movement patterns, or she may come into the clients home to review exercise equipment and kitchen essentials. This will be discussed between Ariel and the client on what the best course of action is for the desired outcome. 


Series Coaching- 60 minute coaching session on a Series is when Ariel and the client commit to meet on any recurring basis. These appointments may be spaced out as they each see fit and will focus on progressive movement, supplementation, nutritional strategies, and mindset practices for continued betterment, and ultimately a life changing experience!